Game Overview

LANDIT BANDIT™ is a 3D helicopter game for the Playstation 3. It combines modern technology with retro design to provide a unique experience for console gamers. Defy gravity over 20 levels in either singleplayer or co-op splitsscreen campaign mode, or battle your friends in 6 different duels.

The game comes with intuitive controls that will have you playing instantly, but make no mistake, this gem rewards both skill and training. Whether you are mastering the art of the ninjarope to shave valuable seconds of that online highscore or attempting that epic coconut throw at your splitscreen opponent, Landit Bandit will keep you coming back...


Meet Marley and Lander, two unexpected companions heading for the big city in something that the FAA would have banned around the time if Columbus.

This all starts one morning as the grumpy art thief Lander is washed up on Marleys tiny tropical island. Lander has in his possession a briefcase of Leonardo DaVincis sketches and is anxious to get this treasure to a Mr Art Steeler in the Big City.

Through clever use of palm trees and driftwood, as well as good old-fashion rastafari engineering, Marley is able to construct a helicopter from davincis works. This is, if not the perfect way, at least ONE way to get Lander back to the city.

The only things missing; a map, a few safety parachutes and any sense of direction....